Life Science

Life Science EHS Services in San Diego and Southern California

Life science research laboratories are highly complex and require constant vigilance to protect scientists and minimize the impact on the environment. In order to properly assess risks, EHS professionals must not only understand the science but also understand the culture of the life science working environment. Kasai Consulting has specialized in EHS management for biotech firms and research facilities since 2002, working with over 100 organizations from start-up firms to multi-building campuses. Maintaining regulatory compliance is a constant battle for laboratories. Even the most basic program involves keeping a variety of permits up-to-date, performing regular employee training, conducting inspections, complying with a myriad of chemical storage and handling requirements, and keeping contingency plans current. We know how to meet the intricate EHS challenges of life science laboratories in a quick, cost-effective, and seamless manner that will increase operational efficiencies and not disrupt researchers while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Life Science Lab Safety