EHS Outsourcing Services in San Diego and Southern California

Outsourcing Services

Kasai Consulting provides turnkey EHS outsourcing services to support your EHS Program. Our highly skilled EHS team will work with your organization to develop and maintain a successful relationship. Kasai Consulting is located in San Diego and provides outsourcing services throughout Southern California. We currently support Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Manufacturing, and Industrial clients.

Keys to Successful Outsourcing

Successfully transitioning EHS to a managed services model is a process that requires careful planning and execution.

Identify goals and compare costs. First, an EHS consultant can conduct a thorough, unbiased evaluation of the organization’s EHS environment to determine the scope of work that is suitable for outsourcing and identify strengths, weaknesses, risks, and hidden costs. Secondly, goals need to be set for the EHS environment. Analyzing the gap between current practices and the target will identify issues within current processes and systems and the potential consequences for not addressing those issues. Finally, the current costs of managing EHS functions should be compared with the estimated cost of managing these functions under the outsourcing model. Armed with this information, organizations can build a detailed roadmap for successfully transitioning to the EHS outsourcing model.

Encourage cooperation. Consensus at every level of the company is critical to the success of a managed services strategy. A thorough analysis will address the bottom-line concerns of executives and show managers how the EHS consultant will increase control and reduce risk.

Choose the right provider. Customer service is the single most important criteria in choosing an EHS consultant. Therefore, ensure that the prospect can meet your service expectations. Carefully negotiate the contract to include provisions that build a long-term, mutually satisfying partnership, defining metrics that will keep the relationship on track. This accountability will ensure that the client receives the services contracted for and, more importantly, that the consultant understands the client’s expectations.

Once an agreement is made, both the client and consulting firm should have a process in place to ensure continued value, investing time and effort to effectively manage the relationship. Typically, a client manager on the consulting side will oversee the account, manage consulting staff, and be the customers’ key point of contact to ensure that expectations are being met or exceeded.