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What Is Industrial Hygiene? How Kasai Consulting Can Help

When you’re the owner or manager of an industrial workplace, there are several environmental concerns, responsibilities, and burdens to be aware of. One of those is the liabilities associated with exposure to hazardous substances. Industrial hygiene services are key for providing feasible solutions to safety concerns. Our Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) will anticipate, evaluate, identify, and control for workplace hazards or stressors that have the potential to affect your workforce’s health and safety. Learn more about how Kasai Consulting can help you with industrial hygiene services.

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Protecting Your Workforce

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent illnesses or injuries and ensure that your workplace is compliant with regulations that are in place to keep your company and community safe is by hiring an industrial hygiene consultant, such as Kasai Consulting. When you work with us, we will measure and evaluate your workers’ exposure to physical stressors, chemical and biological contaminants, and other potential hazards that may negatively impact health and safety. Protecting your workforce does more than just prevent potential liability issues, it also helps to instill confidence and loyalty in your company!

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Why Hire A CIH Consultant?

While some potential issues or hazards may be clearly visible there are many others that may be more difficult to predict. Hiring a certified industrial hygiene (CIH) consultant means that you have a professional who is focused on identifying and evaluating potential hazards your workforce may be exposed to. We use highly specialized equipment and analytical methods to assess potential and actual worker exposure, identify sources of contaminants and determine the effectiveness of the engineering and administrative controls. With a professional CIH consultant working with your company, you’ll be better prepared to find, mitigate, correct, and prevent hazardous working conditions.

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What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to working with a CIH consultant. By working with our Certified Industrial Hygienists, our clients reduce risk, improve work practices and meet Cal/OSHA requirements. Additionally, your workers will feel safer and cared for in their workplace. By working with a CIH consultant, you’ll have professional insight into industrial hygiene standards and regulations so your company can become and stay compliant.

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Types of Potential Hazards

In many industrial workplace settings, there are any number of potential hazards that our CIH consultants are specially trained to identify or anticipate. Because our team works to identify potential hazards and implement mitigation, protection, and prevention tactics, you’ll have a partner by your side that is ready to handle situations including:

  • Noise dosimetry and sound mapping

  • Heat stress monitoring

  • Indoor air quality monitoring

  • Potent compound exposure monitoring

  • Containment testing for potent compounds

  • Hazard evaluations and incident investigations

  • Pregnant employee evaluations

  • Airborne chemical exposure monitoring

  • Ergonomics evaluations

  • Medical surveillance monitoring

  • And so much more!

At Kasai Consulting, we’re focused on helping our customers with high-quality industrial hygiene services designed to prevent and reduce liabilities. Get started today with Kasai Consulting's CIH services in San Diego today.

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